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The Reason Y

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A mix of creativity, ingenuity, and intensity are the key components to create the fascinating Techno of the "The Reason Y” and although 2015 marked the beginning of this new project from Frederik Laaser, The Reason Y has, in a short time created a heavy buzz with his mind-blowing music, high energy gigs and a top notch event [...]
Jake The Rapper | Booking | Spieltrieb Recordings

Jake The Rapper

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Jacob Dove Basker was born in 1970 in the Bronx. He didnt really grow up in New York , more like all over the northern U.S., including places like Moscow (Idaho) and Chicago; But he feels most at home in Seattle. Jake was 14 when he played his first show ever in Spokane with his [...]
Bardia Salour | Booking | Spieltrieb Recordings

Bardia Salour

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As Bardia Salour had to leave Iran with his parents in the late 70's he landed in Hamburg because the German authorities were the first to accept the Visa applications. He grew up in Hamburg and had German, Turkish and Portuguese friends. But at home there was a western-oriented Iranian education, they spoke Farsi and [...]
Benno Blome Booking Spieltrieb Recordings

Benno Blome

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A constant state of flux - this is the Benno Blome modus operandi. A DJ and producer dedicated to making a seamless transition from decks, to venue, to city, and from day to night. The obsessed multi talent has been operating since the midnineties and based on his model of reinvention the former Bar25 resident [...]
Daniel Dreier | Booking | Spieltrieb Recordings

Daniel Dreier

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"When I was young I had no interest in music, I just had no feeling for it" Daniel Dreier says. Fortunately for us, things seem to have changed. After taking a short detour via Hip-Hop, Daniel has landed comfortably into the world of Berlin Techno and of Highgrade, a world where he is in supremely [...]
Erhardt Schuster | Booking | Spieltrieb Recordings

Erhardt Schuster

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Born in Transilvania, Erhardt was raised in Bavaria after moving to Germany in the early 90‘s. Soon he discovered his passion for music and started piano lessons until Turntables and recording Mixtapes entered his life, at the age of 15. Already then he couldn’t imagine a life without music. After a few years he started [...]
Red Robin | Booking | Spieltrieb Recordings

Red Robin

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Give Red Robin the means to make music and he will play until he drops. No matter if that is in front of thousands of people or just with a few friends around him. No matter if it's night or day, indoors or outdoors, cold or hot, early or late - he is going to [...]
Sokool | Booking | Spieltrieb Recordings


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The symbiosis of Mathias and Thomas makes for vibrant sound since 2011, comparable to a congenial intoxication mixed with real, tangible love for electronic music. Long lasting experience behind the decks and in the studio combine fluently to the in- comparable “Sokool“ blend. Since their release on Katermukke, SoKool is playing themselves into the minds [...]
Surreal | Booking | Spieltrieb Recordings


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Born in northern Germany, Micha's passion for music rapidly raised in his early days, after moving from the suburbs to Hamburg. For several years he visited a music school and gathered first band and gig experiences. In 2007 he first got into mixing and music production. Soon club bookings came up and revealed a new [...]
VABU | Booking | Spieltrieb Recordings


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From the dancefloor to the dj-booth, Vabu literally kickstarted into Hamburg’s Techno scene over the past two years. After collecting first dj experiences at Bollwerk in her hometown Lübeck, she soon got involved with her crew 'Harmonie im Bassgewitter' and played her first official gigs. While playing throughout the clubs in Hamburg, she is now also [...]