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Daniel Dreier

“When I was young I had no interest in music, I just had no feeling for it” Daniel Dreier says. Fortunately for us, things seem to have changed. After taking a short detour via Hip-Hop, Daniel has landed comfortably into the world of Berlin Techno and of Highgrade, a world where he is in supremely good hands!

At the age of thirteen, Daniel started recording music from the radio and performing his first experiments in mixing music with a double cassette deck. Up until 1993 you could always find his Hip-Hop mix tapes circulating around West Berlin, that is until he found himself in the legendary Bunker club and experienced the infectious beats of Techno. Caught up in the energy and speed of this new genre, he quickly changed his musical preferences and was practicing at home with his first techno records. Daniel’s first public gigs were a series of fashion shows put on by the Vivien Westwood schools.

Things moved quickly after that. He founded the ‘Berlin Town Musicians’ with friends Daniel FX, Ahmet Coskun and Franzen Texas, hosting the Anna Bar Afterhour at Pfefferberg. Following these successful parties Daniel found himself in demand at many other venues all over Berlin. In 2005 he met Marco ‘Phage’ Resmann and the duo began producing tracks together, with the first release coming out on Highgrade later that year. Frequent other EPs, releases and remixes followed, together with respected artists like Tom Clark and Lee Jones (MyMy).

Daniel Dreier is a resident at Watergate Club and of one of the very few who play at Panorama Bar regulary. He is renowned for his deep, driving and sexy minimal sound, in which you always can hear throughout a little pinch of soul. He calls it “deep and ugly” – surely a relic from his Hip-Hop days. And he is also a vinyl enthusiast which have become fewer for some past time.

Wherever and whenever Daniel Dreier plays, he is the constant entertainer. He is a cheerful and upbeat nature and he is a product of the club scene and not a outmoded musical academic, and these qualities make him likeable and authentic. Daniel loves to play in the sunrise and on Afterhours, where the music becomes “not a job, but a need”.