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Erhardt Schuster

Born in Transilvania, Erhardt was raised in Bavaria after moving to Germany in the early 90‘s. Soon he discovered his passion for music and started piano lessons until Turntables and recording Mixtapes entered his life, at the age of 15. Already then he couldn’t imagine a life without music.

After a few years he started his own partys with his crew right before becoming a resident DJ at Batterie 94 and Maki Club in Ingolstadt. In 2013 he moved to Hamburg, to study communication designand soon got involved with the Young Broke Talented Crew and Baalsaal Club, where he is resident since 2016.This year (2017) he became a member of the Spieltrieb project, where thefirst releases are planned, while working with a great team.

In the last decade of mixing music the focus on his sound and the depth of his sets increased continously. By now the achieved quality lead him to frequent bookings through Germany and his residency at St. Pauli, while surprising again and again.